Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Parable of the Forgotten Gift

There was a young man who was fast approaching his birthday. He was very excited for the party he would be having, the family and friends that would be visiting, and the presents he would receive. The young man had an older brother who loved him dearly. The brother thought long and hard about what to give his younger sibling. The elder brother knew that a hard winter would be coming, and that his brother didn't have a sufficient coat for the bitter cold that would be coming. The elder brother had been saving to buy himself such a coat, but knew that his brother would need it more, so he took all that he had saved and bought the coat for his brother. The day of the young man's birthday came, and the gift that his elder brother had sacrificed for sat with the rest of the gifts. The party was enjoyed by everyone. The time to open presents came. The young man first reached for the gifts from his closest friends, then to those of his extended family, and the gift from his brother went unnoticed. He was excited for each new gift and thanked each of those who gave him one, but the gift from his brother remained unnoticed. The party ended, everything was cleaned up, and the gift of the elder brother was forgotten. Winter came, and the young man went without the warmth and protection that the warm coat would provide. If only the young man had seen the gift.

We in our lives can experience the joy and warmth of the gift that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has given us. He made it possible for all of us to be happy in our lives, but the gift of His atonement is one that we must "open" in order to feel the blessings of it. We must all go through the hard winter of our mortal lives, but if we have the warmth and protection of that winter coat, if we use the power of the atonement in our lives, and "endure it well" we will be forever happy. That gift does us no good if we leave it forgotten.


  1. Hopefully no one will forget the gift of the Savior and go without. I enjoyed the story :)

  2. Thank you Elder Short..Christ is truly our eternal friend, brother and our Loving Savior..and if we all but open His Loving gift we will all be blessed. This was fabulous and I will share it with all my friends !!!. Sister Iron Cloud.