Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Decisions Determine Destiny"

Life is full of forks in the road. Some roads branch off in vastly different directions and some seem to run almost parallel, but no two roads in life lead to the exact same destination. These forks in the road are the many decisions that we make in life. We have many decisions throughout our day that don't seem to affect the long run, but there always comes a time when a we make a decision that affects the rest of our lives. Just like Bugs Bunny who if he hadn't taken that wrong turn at Albuquerque he would never have met Elmer Fudd and gone through those countless skirmishes.

A more historical example was given by Thomas S. Monson in 1979:
"During the 13th century another important decision was made when the Mongol hoards came out of Mongolia, swept across the part of the world that we know as Turkey and Iran, and then entered into Europe. They were at the very gates of the city of Vienna; it looked as though western Europe and its civilization were doomed as that leader of the Mongol hoards, Subedei, stood there, ready to lead his cavalry in an annihilation of western culture. Then something happened. A messenger from Mongolia brought the news that the Great Khan, Ogedei, had died; and Subedei had to make the decision to go on and conquer western Europe or to return for the funeral of the Great Khan. He made the decision to return, and the Mongol hoards returned to Mongolia and never again threatened western Europe. A small decision, but oh, its consequence!"

When such small decisions can lead to such different destinations it is so very important that we rely on the Lord for guidance in all that we do.

"Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good" Alma 37:37

If we seek the counsel of the Lord those decisions will lead us to eternal happiness, but we ultimately make the decision of whether or not we follow that counsel, and are happy in the end.

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