Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Building our homes to be Fortresses

This past week I've been reading in the book of Alma, in the Book of Mormon. I'm at a point right now where two nations (the Nephites and the Lamanites) are preparing for war. Moroni the chief captain of the Nephite army sees the weaknesses in his cities, so in order to protect his people he begins to fortify the cities.
This is Moroni's account of his preparations:
"1And now it came to pass that Moroni did not stop making preparations for war, or to defend his people against the Lamanites; for he caused that his armies should commence in the commencement of the twentieth year of the reign of the judges, that they should commence in digging up heaps of earth round about all the cities, throughout all the land which was possessed by the Nephites.
 2And upon the top of these ridges of earth he caused that there should be timbers, yea, works of timbers built up to the height of a man, round about the cities.
 3And he caused that upon those works of timbers there should be a frame of pickets built upon the timbers round about; and they were strong and high.
 4And he caused towers to be erected that overlooked those works of pickets, and he caused places of security to be built upon those towers, that the stones and the arrows of the Lamanites could not hurt them.
 5And they were prepared that they could cast stones from the top thereof, according to their pleasure and their strength, and slay him who should attempt to approach near the walls of the city.
 6Thus Moroni did prepare strongholds against the coming of their enemies, round about every city in all the land."
Just as Moroni made preparations to defend his people we too can make preparations for our own homes, to make them safe havens from the evils in the world. Some of the most powerful things we can do to protect us from the things that drag us down in life are the simplest.
Some of the things we can do to fortify our homes are to:
  • Study the scriptures regularly. The words of God are a special gift that hasn't always been so readily available. If we study the scriptures for ourselves, we will grow closer to our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ.
  • Attending church. When we attend church we are surrounded by others who are seeking to improve their lives, and we can share of that spirit that comes from that desire, and become spiritually uplifted.
  • Praying personally and as a family. When we pray personally we strengthen our relationship with our Heavenly Father. When we pray as a family we strengthen that bond as a unit.
These are only a few things, but there are many more. It is my testimony that when we work to fortify our homes, and strengthen our families that we are happier, better people. I know that we have been given families to strengthen each other in this life, and that it is our responsibility to protect that gift.  

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